The author

The author

What to say? Sometimes people ask me why I became so involved with traveling. Good question. It’s one I often ask myself. Yet still, I can’t definitively answer it.

I think most of all, it’s the variety that it brings into my life. If I’m not traveling myself, I’m traveling from home via CouchSurfing, hosting on a regular basis. You can find my profile here.

I learned the values and wonders of traveling when I first ventured overseas to study in Montréal in the Canadian summer of 2008. Never could I have imagined the effect that it would have on me since.

I’m a true believer that experience is the best form of learning, and that to experience and listen to different perspectives opens one’s own mind to the possibility of change and to better understand the world.

It’s for this reason that I feel that the best part of travel is the people that you meet along the way. I prefer to meet people that are different to me, that have opposing opinions – it’s these people that can teach me the most.

Couchsurfing, and ultimately travel, provide me with the perfect medium to meet these people and to expose myself to these learning experiences.

I hope you enjoy my adventures as much as I do.

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